What in the World is “Scholarly Muscle”?

Scholarly Muscle is a place dedicated to helping you reach your muscle building, fat loss, and other health-related goals through unbiased, scientifically valid evidence that is found throughout the peer-reviewed scientific literature.

So Who is the Person Behind This Madness?

Hi, I’m Zach MacDonald, and I’m a Masters’ student in Exercise & Nutrition Science at The University of Tampa, working there as an assistant researcher. Also, I am a NASM certified personal trainer, as well as a Classic Physique competitor and Men’s Open Bodybuilder in the NPC.

I created Scholarly Muscle because I was tired of seeing people trying to sell and capitalize on those who were uneducated on health, fitness, and athletics through BS supplements and unethical marketing tactics.


No BS information on how to build your best body and mindset.

Training Programs

Let me build you a training program that has your training goals in mind! No cookie-cutter or template-based plans. All catered to you!

Online Coaching

Let me help you out throughout the entire journey! I’ll help you build a training program, as well as guide you through nutrition and supplementation. Unlimited access to my knowledge and expertise at any time!

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