Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is your blog about?

The Scholarly Muscle blog is here to help you achieve your muscle building and fat loss goals by reviewing peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts on the most recent and compelling trends in the industry. I interpret them for you so you can apply the concepts found in these articles without sifting through the physiological jargon.

Well…great question!

Here are just a few of my qualifications…

Masters’ Degree in Exercise and Nutrition Science


NASM Certified Personal Trainer


NPC Amateur Bodybuilder/Classic Physique Competitor


Assistant Researcher in The University of Tampa Human Performance Lab


I plan on pursuing my Ph.D in this field within the next year as well.

I am not sponsored by any supplement or fitness company, so I’m not trying to sell you any BS products in that regard. I provide my insight on these topics to best help you achieve your goals.

Simple. If you would like me to guide you on your journey, I provide both Online Coaching and Personalized Training Programs at VERY affordable prices, much lower than others out there, who are less qualified than myself.

Also, when I write blogs, advertisers pay me to show their content on my pages, so please turn AdBlock off in order to support me 🙂

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Absolutely! It already comes with your online coaching program!  Also, it can come as an add-on to your training program for a small additional fee.

I’ve been into fitness for about 6 years now in a consistent manner. I’ve played baseball all my life and ran cross country for a little while in high school. So you could say I’ve always played sports, but didn’t dial in my training and nutrition until about 2012.